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Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Built Motorhomes

Q. How do you quote for each job?
A. A ‘guestimate’ is given but the job is costed based on materials plus labour.

Q. Do you cater for all budgets?
A. Yes

Q. What facets of the job are you able to complete?
A. All facets except major structural and roof raising. However, we are able to recommend specialists in the required field.

Q. Do you encourage owners input/inspections regularly?
A. Owners are welcome at any time to visit the factory.

Q. What is the normal length of time for a conversion?
A. Between 2 and 5 months depending on the size of the conversion. Think of it as building a boat – you cannot fitout a boat in a short period of time …. professionally.

Q. Do you use quality fittings?
A. We are always sourcing for the latest in appliances, lighting and hardware. Quality is never compromised.

Q. What if I have any other questions?
A. Call Billabong Motorhomes on 3889 7977 …. We will answer them for you.

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